About the "Belkan War"
Hi there.

I'm an all time ace combat fan and just a matter of days ago I decided to retry your emulator in order to see if the "Belkan War" (I just hated the "Unsung Cake" with a passion) already worked fine, and to my surprise, the game does just run at steady 60 FPS as long as:

-You play using the cockpit/ no cockpit camera (playing with the third view camera slows down the game as long as the ground appears on screen).

-Buggy or corrupted ground textures. If you let me say It, I think that those corrupted ground textures are responsible of the FPS slowdown when in third view camera, because in mission 16 "The Demon of the round table" the ground textures doesn't appear corrupted, and you can play this mission in third person view at steady 60FPS. Also, It looks like that the plane you choose may cause some slowdowns as well even on this mission (as long as you use TPV). For example, you can use the Berkut or the X-02 in third person view without slowdowns, but as soon as you go with another plane, the slowdowns will make their appearance once more.

-Unkillable bomber units plus some ground targets, It's like if they weren't thereLaugh. Looks like a floating point problem, but why just for those special units only?

-You can dive through the ground lol.

-Videos have to be skipped; actually, I don't consider this as a major problem, but to see Pixy being interviewed and hearing him to say those memorable quotes like "yo buddy, you still alive" would be certainly priceless. Same goes to the rest of interviewed squadrons 8damn this game was so ***** cool compared to the "unsung crap").

So in short, if you don't use third person view then the game will run at 60FPS like in the ps2 version, but those other problems are still there.

I'm using the new beta pcsx2 with the following plugins: Gsdx 1873 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.15 // PEops SPU2 1.9.0).

If you guys make this game fully playable in your next emu version, you are definitely going to make me a happy happy man.

Greetings and keep on the good work, you have really surprised me a lot with this new emu version, I was starting to think you would never make It so far.

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