About the Pcsx2 emulator version 9.0.6
Hi there. I downloaded the latest version of Pcsx2 which was version 0.9.6. Now what CD/DVD plugin option do I choose Also, what do I open for the iso file? That is the main problem. Because this emulator always used to open up and play my games with no problem. So just let me know what open up for the Iso. I tried putting in "SYSTEM.CNF, but that didn't work. But it worked before in the other version of Pcsx2, which is version 9.0.1. But I could not seem to make the game work in this version either. But the game always used to work before in this emulator for me just fine. And the graphics section option was Fixed Pipline (bogus). I just hope that the games work on this emulator. So just let me know on how to fix this problem and let me know what to type into the Select Iso section. So give me a big explanation on how to do this process for me. Because I really want to play Ps2 games. So thanks a lot! Unsure

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Is your game on dvd? Or is it an iso file you created?
The Playstation 2 game is made from an iso, yes. So please help me on this issue. Thanks a lot! Unsure
As cdvd plugin select linuz iso. Hit configure and point it to your .iso of your game. That's it.

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