About the framelimiter settings
These settings right here

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And specifically the ntsc (and pal) framerate setting.

After i read the official 0.9.7 configuration guide, i am confused on what this setting does exactly.

As everyone know it's different running a pc game which it has a "free" framerate (well with some exceptions but it doesn't matter here) and different running a ps2 game with everything locked to a specific fps.

So for example if you run a pc game at 40 fps it would be much better than running a ps2 game with pcsx2 at the same fps when that specific ps2 game was meant to be running at locked 60 fps speed.

So to my question. Does this setting tries to make ps2 games behave like pc games when it comes to fps speed? Or does something completely different?

Hopefully all the above make sense and please excuse if my description was not technically correct.

Oh and something else. I don't think that all ps2 games runs at 60 fps (50 if they are pal) some are running at 30 fps (and 25 if they are pal)

In that case do i need to change this setting here? Or does pcsx2 automatically calculates the correct fps the game should be running?
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It means that when you play ntsc games, the frame rate will be capped at 60(the playable speed for that region). Same goes to pal. Basically it limits the no. of fps to the specified ones based on the region. So you can't get 100fps if your max fps stated is 60. And no, you don't have to change any settings at all.Smile
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