About the halfscreen issue on Snowblind games
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I'm currently craving on playing some nostalgia Snowblind titles such as Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance Smile And i have already read about this thread here http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Baldurs-G...ned?page=2

And i would like to know if there's any updates about the half screen issues? i am getting really terrible performance while using software mode in the latest SVN PCSX2 build with 4 GB Patch applied it's hovering 30 to 45fps at some areas, Yes it's still playable but the audio is all distorted =.= I did noticed that i get solid 60fps when i switched to Hardware dx11 mode. It will be amazing if PCSX2 developers could finally fixed this half screen problem up!
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You can turn on Async audio, that may fix the sound. Sadly no changes on the snowblind front. I believe it was discovered to be a texture cache issue.
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Yeah it does helps a bit while switching to async Smile After reading that thread that i have linked above it just got me really curious on the progress on it! I hope rama could see my thread here and maybe give us some updates on the situation on it if it's possible Smile
Intel i5 3470 3.20Ghz, HD 7850 2GB, 8GB RAM, Z77, 1TB HDD

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