About the implementation of type 5 cheat code
I recently knew Codemasters Project/PS2/Code Types, but the description of type 5 code seems to differ from the implementation of pcsx2. (from the source code: pcsx2\Patch_Memory.cpp)
I also confirmed using some pnach examples of type 5 code on pcsx2 r5761.


the website         pcsx2
5aaaaaaa nnnnnnnn   5aaaaaaa nnnnnnnn   a = Address to copy from
bbbbbbbb 00000000   00000000 bbbbbbbb   b = Address to copy to
.                                       n = Number of bytes to copy

Could anyone tell me how being decided the implementation of type 5 code of pcsx2?
I mean not saying it's not correct. I just want to know the reason because I don't know even the description of the website is correct or not.
Thanks in advance.

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I saw that post, but I didn't answer it because this is well over my head.

From your screenshot, it looks like it only works when the bottom part is reversed.

bbbbbbbb 00000000


00000000 bbbbbbbb

Is that what you are saying?
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Yeah, that's right.

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