About the merging into one pcsx2 team
First off, I'm glad to hear the two teams are working as one big development team. it should be a promising future for pcsx2. Now, I don't know if the devs mind answering this, but what is the next step for this newly formed team? Specifically, what will be the primary focus, bug fixing, adding additional coding, further improvement on graphics or other plugins? Is it everything I said here or something I have not?
I'm just speculating here, but I wouldn't mind an official response.
I've always had an interest in what the devs like to focus on most when they are working on the emulator, thats why I'm asking.

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I think I can tell you pretty much what we aim for. An emulation as close to perfect as possible. Will we be able to do that? How long will that take? We do not know, but that's the idea.
Thanks for telling me what your main objective is. I wasn't too sure about what it was before, but know I know. Its an idea that has come pretty far it seems.
playground was picking up more speed on my slower rig, I hope that trend continues cause all the pg releases were going faster than before
what exactly do you mean by a perfect emulation? what i mean is, would you guys pick up on the graphic plugin for example? or would you simply have a high compatibility with the games running "crash-free"?

i ask this mainly because the reason i use pcsx2 is to eventually play the games i have in better resolutions and quality, on side reason i actually enjoy testing the latest developments and see pcsx2 grow o.O (weird?)
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Perfect emulation is the holy grail. It means everything works the way it's supposed to just as it does on the PS2. If you an up the res and do stuff like that it's just gravy.

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