About the snow effect
It may look good but for those with weak pc like me will have problems with it.
For anyone who what to remove that effect,just add this
to adblock for firefox for example.

PS.With the snow enabled,my cpu usage goes above 50%

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Yeah we know. I replaced it with a more crappy looking snow, which shouldn't cause any kind of CPU usage above normal
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Tsk... we barely had 1 complain this time about the snow effect, should have just kept it Tongue2
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Hrmm seems the new one is cpu intensive too. Oh well Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thx vsub. the snow (the new one) triggered a lil bug to crash my whole machine today. -.-
This should become our new "can you run PCSX2" benchmark.
Getting below 50% CPU on this means it'll work! Wink
Yeah nice work. After leaving my computer unattended for 3 hours yesterday my monitor filled up with snow and now it doesn't work anymore. Who would've thought just a few flurries here and there could add up so fast Ohmy
The snow is melting here. Shouldn't really fill up. (Or should it?)
XD i blocked this crappy snow because it still crashes my Firefox Tongue
(12-30-2010, 03:54 AM)rama Wrote: The snow is melting here. Shouldn't really fill up. (Or should it?)

indeed, we need a rain plugin xD

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