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Hello everyone,

I would like to understand how PCSX2 reacts over the frequency and cores since I've tested many CPUs and I was wondering why the fact that my new E5-2643 at 3.2Ghz would runs way faster than my FX-4100 at 5Ghz.

Most of the games on this Xeon E5-2643 can be ran without any speed hack (by exemple need for speed most wanted, xenosaga 1/2/3 , digital devil saga 1/2) and the FX-4100 @ 5.00Ghz would run them also at 60fps using speed hacks at ~ preset 3 or 4.

As my current specs are these :
[Image: 9t0w14.png]
CPU : Xeon E5-2643 (E5-2660 in some days)
Mobo : ASRock X79 Extreme6
26GB Ram DDR3-1600Mhz (on quad-channel)

My old specs were :
[Image: 2895100.png]
CPU : FX-4100 @ 5.00Ghz
Mobo : GA-990XA-UD3
8GB Ram DDR3-1600 (on dual-channel)
GPU : PowerColor HD 6870X2

Thanks for giving me tips!
My specs atm :
[Image: yuex8r-4.png]

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It has do with the cpu archetecture and how efficient it is. The xeon has a very efficient core architecture compared to the fx 4100.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
umm... so it would be hard to check out what differs them both , one has the frequency way higher than the other and still ... the FX-4100 @ 5Ghz was slower.
Maybe the quad-channel has to do with it a bit.

As i saw , the Xeon E5 would be way better with threads but that doesn't tell me how it can runs perfectly on pcsx2... it's kind of strange
My specs atm :
[Image: yuex8r-4.png]
They both have completely different architectures. One is much more efficient than the other. Sadly that FX-4100 has even worse single-threaded performance than the previous generation Phenom II chips that preceded it. That's why one can get much more performance at lower clocks. Also PCSX2 has been more optimized for Intel pretty much ever since its inception.
ah that would explains why my xeon would run faster , i didn't knew that the emulator was based on intel at first. Thanks for the info ^^
My specs atm :
[Image: yuex8r-4.png]

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