Above 60 fps
I was just curious if it was actually possible to get a game running over 60fps. I know you can turbo the game to make it say its running at 120 but thats at double play speed. Is it just a limitations of the emulator and the game engines that preventnthem from playing at other frame rates?

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It's a limitation of the game engines, the emulated hardware, and the process of emulation itself. Just FYI most PS2 games are running at 30FPS with drops, the 60FPS you see is not a true frame count. If we had a way of counting the internal real FPS(which we are working on) then we might be able to make patches that could enable more real FPS on a game by game basis. Not all games would be possible to do, but some should.

Currently there is one single game you can run at over 60 real FPS - one of the KH games(I forget which one). Masterotaku discovered if you use both of the 60FPS patches at once and overclock the EE you can get near 120FPS. It breaks a lot of the physics in the game though, which is something you'd run in to for other games too. These games never expected to run on anything but a PS2, never at any more than the FPS they were coded for. So when you do sometimes things asplode.
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Darkwatch and Drakan: The Ancients' Gates can run at 120 real fps without speedup in gameplay - but I encountered some issues with both:

Darkwatch worked pretty well for a few levels of the campaign, then got stuck on a loading screen. Not completely certain this was due to the framerate - might be a problem with autosave or maybe I need to re-rip my disc image.
Still, very nice in splitscreen - much more responsive than the normal 25 fps Smile

Drakan: The Ancients' Gates FMVs are out of sync - video plays at several times normal speed, audio plays in real time and gets cut off when the video ends. Jumping while running often doesn't work and Rynn does a standing jump instead. May need EE overclock to avoid framedrops - but my PC isn't powerful enough to maintain full speed with it enabled.
At real 60 FPS gameplay is fine (played a decent chunk of the game this way), but FMVs are still out of sync. In-game cutscenes are fine.

(achieved by changing the FrameratePAL value in PCSX2_vm.ini to double the desired real FPS)
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