Absence of L1/R1 "linearity"
Is it not a thing in PCSX2? Sorry for bad English if title hard to understand.

Normally in racing games the competitive players tend to use R2/L2 triggers to allow proper adjustment to the amount of throttle/brakes applied. However in PS2 consoles you can achieve same results with L1/R1 as well using DualShock2 (for some games at least), and such L1/R1 "linearity" can also be observed from my DualShock3 controllers when using ScpDriver for PCSX2.

2 of my racing games can at best use L1/R1 for brake/throttle using presets but doesn't allow customizing them to L2/R2 instead. As such I failed to get any of the throttle/brake adjustments with these 2, ehm, triggers(sort of). For my 3rd racing game I can fully custmize commands so I get the throttle/brake adjustability I want by using L2/R2, but if i use L1/R1 instead there would still be no "linearity" to be offered (e.g. either 0 or 100% throttle only)

I hope this might help clarifying my question in title.

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It is not a thing in windows not just pcsx2

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