Accelerated IMDCT
I have read threads that say this is a reoccurring problem for them. Every member has just said to ignore it.

I cannot ignore it because that's the only error it's giving as soon as my PCSX2 Stops working, so I assume that's the problem it must be having.

Please, I would really appreciate some insight. I can send screenshots if necessary.

I've spent hours fixing every error, and I've got so far and it says this is the only thing. I just want to play Okage Shadow King. Haha.

Please and thank you for help.

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using gigaherz cdvd plugin and a real dvd? try creating an iso of the game and use the builtin iso loader.

if not. feel free to post your pcsx2 version, plugins used, and the settings.
Are you using the latest PCSX2 release?
PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? Content of emulog.txt after you get the problem?
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