Access denied to the memorycard file error
iplay ff12 , i am at the middle of the game but when i start to play the game , the error promt and says access denied to the memory card file, the memorycard in the slot 0 has been disabled ,

nothing happen when i enable to the setting ..

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Most that kind of issues are due to games installed in one those windows protected folder (which sadly includes the C:\Program Files and it's (x86) counter part).

Being that the case here (or even if not) you should avoid installing games at that "C:\Program Files" folder; the "Documents" folder and the Desktop, this will spare you from many headaches in the future, mainly with moddable games or anything else that require third part programs to access resources in those folders.

A good and failproof method is creating a proper folder, a C:\Games folder to hold all your games does the trick nicely (it can be in another partition or even another hard drive).

Notice that is only for the installation folder, keeping the control/saves files into the Documents folder is fine.
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sir my game is installed at FTonguecsx2

not in the document or desktop but my savefile saves in document

if i load my save file i got that error but if switch to new game , it work hayz ,, does the file have 8,440kb ? mine is that ,

the memory file in my memory is only 8mb , does it affect ?
So the reason for the error is what it says (for some reason the file can't be accessed, maybe read only or under another user (admin) ownage... and so on...) or is just corrupted.

PS: about the length it's normal.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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