Access key change suggestion
Hey guys. Would it be possible to make some minor alterations to the emulator menu a tad?

Right now when you pause the emu by pressing esc, you can hit alt+s to bring up the menu and hit 'L' to move the cursor to the load submenu and have it open up... but then you have to use the up/down arrow keys to navigate the slots before you can hit enter to select a savestate to load.


Similarly, to make a savestate you can hit alt+s to bring up the menu then hit 'S' which will conveniently jump to and open up the savestate slots... but again you have to use the up/down arrow keys to navigate to the slot you wish to save to.

So my question is... could you guys edit the wee bit of text on that savestate slot submenu so that they read "0- Slot 0", "1- Slot 1", "2- Slot 2" etc? This way you could hit alt+s, L, 4 to quickly load slot 4 for example. Or alt+s, S, 2 to quickly save to slot 2. (It'd be a nice touch if you could also move "Resume" up the menu because after saving one needs to alt+s then hit R 3 times + enter, because the 3 menu options above it all start with 'R' as well.)

Yeah, I know there are the F1-F3 hotkeys but in the heat of the moment it's easy to F2/shift-F2 to the wrong slot and save/load by mistake and boy has that bitten me in the ass a couple times because the fingers move faster than the brain x_X This little change won't affect the F1-F3 hotkeys, it's just for the people who use the menus. Please?

Pretty please?

Pretty please with [insert condiment] on top? Laugh
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so in a TL;DR version, you want the slots to be hotkey'd by number right?

so when you are in the load menu, you can press 2 for "slot 2" etc?
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Yep, exactly.
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