Account banned for spamming?!

I think my account was banned by mistake for spamming. It was a 10 year old account, and I definitely didn't do any spamming. Even if I'd have done something wrong, I never got any warning, or notice about it. Just straight to permban all posts deleted?  I can't think of anything I'd have done that would warrant such a response.

So the moderator who deleted my m76 account, could you explain why?

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Sorry, was a mistake, one of our admin is trying to improve dealing with spammers but a mistake was made. I have unbanned the account.
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Apologies for that, mis-click of purging a spammer that had flooded a thread. I think the problem was refraction banned the user at the same time and I ended up in a refreshed thread that had your user account as the last post.
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