Ace Combat 04 black aircraft issue theory
Hello to everyone.

I may have an idea what causes Ace Combat 04 "black palne texture" issue.

Recently, a de-interlacing patches were released for several games, including Ace Combat 4.
This patch actually helps with AC04, I've learned it from one of the users on Ace Combat subreddit, who posted this video

Using these patches, it is possible, to partially get rid of black plane issue. However I've noticed an interesting detail.
Ace Combat 04 normally had rather vivid shadow effects on the aiframe, which are now gone from the jet in the emulator.

My theory, is that somehow interlacing was used to put the shadow effect on the aircraft, and "black plane" issue comes from emulator completely shadowing the jet. With the de-interlacing patch applied the shadow effect is gone, allowing the normal aircraft texture to be seen.

This is sort of supported by other effects playing differently from the original game, for example - screen shaking at mission 07. With the de-interlacing patch applied, the image splits into two overlaid ones. 

Perhaps, this information will be useful to the dev team in solving the AC04 issue.

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just use software mode, problem solved.
(01-06-2019, 11:16 PM)Mahir85 Wrote: just use software mode, problem solved.

Software mode runs at 60% speed.

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