Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies Compatibility...?
Well I checked the compatibility list, It said Ace Combat 4Wackohattered Skies (Green) Runs slow but stable. Well indeed this file runs stable, but it should be painted either yellow or blue to be honest. Yellow looks the most like my case. I run Ace Combat 4: SHattered Skies and I get past the intro, into the menus and onto the "New Game." The game runs slow at first, but then it runs with an excellent amount of 90%. But when I press New Game and pick my difficulty and start the game, 2 seconds of the introduction cutscene plays and the game freeze. PCSX2 works fine, but the game freeze.

Now I am wondering...

Can I run the game with Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder?
Does it matter if it is an MDF image or an ISO image?
I have Ace Combat 4: Shattered Strike. (Not Distant Thunder)?

Would it help you if I posted a log?


I manage to play VS mode, but the graphics are messed up. So I can only guess I need an actual ISO image or my graphics are not up to date.

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hey, can you send me a link to where i can get ac4ss? i cant find one and i really want this game again. it brings back so many memories!
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okay any improvements on the Ace Combat Shattered Skies game?
On the website compatibility page, it says that the game is playable in 0.9.8 version, but so it was in the 0.9.6 and then somebody says that it is not, as you can not destroy some important target object, therefor you can not continue playing.

So what about now? Is is playable?
Shattered skies is fully playable as far as I know (in software mode that is), "Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War" on the other hand has a known compatibility problem.

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