Ace Combat 5 & Zero Invincible plane fix
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Hello everybody,
I found a video on the web to fix invincible plane on AC5 and Zero.
It is very easy to use. Just a simple soft to launch before playing the game.Cool

I use it with ace combat 5 EU version and it work very well.
On the video, he test it with Ace combat Zero and it work well too.Happy

link: *snip*

i'm very glad to play AC again!! Best game ever! Tongue

Salut tout le monde,

J'ai trouvé sur internet une vidéo pour régler le problème des avions invincibles sur Ace Combat 5 et Zero.
Il est très simple d'utilisation. Juste un petit logiciel à lancer avant de jouer au jeu.Cool

Je l'ai testé avec AC5 version Euro et ça fonctionne très bien.
Dans la vidéo, il le test avec Ace Combat Zero et ça fonctionne aussi.Happy

lien: *snip*

Je suis vraiment content de pouvoir jouer à Ace Combat de nouveau!! Le meilleur jeu de tout les temps! Tongue

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links removed due to warez links in the videos.
AFAIK, this has been fixed in latest SVNs, anyways.
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Ok my bad.. Great job!
So now Ace Combat 5 is playable! Laugh
Sorry for planejacking the thread (intentional pun), but I recall the last time I play AC5 (back when miseru99 introduced his own fixes, I think) there's a bug that makes Lit Fuse (?) mission unwinnable - basically the friendly units are unable to advance as normally. Has this been fixed?
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It's likely, yes. We fixed the emulation problem at the source.
I have the same problem with miseru99' patch. I can't win because of friendly units. Wacko
I try with pcsx2-5755 from Svn and it does'nt work for me. I read on the post that it only work for ntsc version and not for PAL. Maybe now it's fix?

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