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Hello, everyone. Love the new forum.

First I want to thank all the developers for working so hard on PCSX2 playground. I'm very impressed over how many improvements and performance increases there are for a wide variety of games. Keep up the great work!

Now as to the reason I'm posting is that I am a huge ace combat fan and have been trying to find ways to get any of the ac ps2 games to work through emulation. Now I do know that AC5 and AC0 are listed as not fully playable in the compatibility listings, however the NTSC version of AC4 is listed as playable and I'm having a difficult time getting things to work at all on it.

The two most major problems I've come across are..

1. Graphical garbage displaying at the near edges of drawing distance when flying.
2. All mission briefings and movie scenes cause crashes after about 3 seconds.

Now I know that these types of problems are expected with PS2 emulation, and I'm in no rush, I just wanted to mention them and see if anyone has come across any workarounds or solutions.

Thanks again for the hard work guys!

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I'm bumping this thread after a few months to see if any has any ideas on improving compatibility for any of the ace combat ps2 games. Thanks.
I get the same damned thing.

The movies crash if you don't hit start as soon as you possibly can, and there's graphical glitches everywhere.
Did you tried to turn off Denormals are Zero, in advanced tab? This might help, but it will slowdown your game.
I have the PAL version of AC04 and I actually managed to get it working ok with v0.9.7 r3878 beta. The key is to do this:

1.) Go to the config drop-down menu
2.) Select "emulation settings"
3.) Select "game fixes"
4.) Select "Skip MPEG Hack"

Now it will work because it will skip the briefings and the cinematics. The problem that I've found in AC04 is that The sky is always black. It cannot seem to show the blue sky although in the missions where it's supposed to be night anyway like "Breaking Arrows" and "Emancipation", the stars show and even the Northern Lights in "Breaking Arrows" works ok. The ground textures are hit and miss but they're workable. The aircraft textures are just a mess. My aircraft looks like it was painted with the HUD. It doesn't matter which aircraft it is although interestingly, all the messed up textures are different depending on the aircraft and the skin involved. The sound, voice and actual gameplay are just fine although I have a powerful gaming rig so your mileage may vary. I notice that it slows down a bit when I'm looking at the ground and speeds back up when I'm facing the sky. All in all, this emulator is superb, all things considered and I'm really pleased with it. My logitech controller is essentially the same as a PS1 controller so although I don't get the vibration or the multi-pressure response keys, the game feels pretty much the same as my original on my PS2. Good work guys, this emulator is amazing! Laugh

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