AceCombat and the Errors
Hi @All
i tryed PCS2 first time and are good suprised ...
many features and more but the only one reason try Consol ***** isnt that i convertet to consol bobs ,,, no i only wanna play Ace Combat

i got a dics from a friend its called balkan ware or some thing like that and it don wor -.-

i got 2 main errors ... i got 7 black stripes ?!
2.nd) the landscape looks strange ....

now the question is how to fix it ... i googled for it and foundthese forum ... mybe someone here can help

with best +DS_DV+

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software mode
software mode

good luck Smile
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sorry fore the question but i dont see a "software mode button"
i know its n00by but how to enable the software mode ... witch one i must select ?!
You can simply press F9 to toggle between hardware/software modes.

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