Action Replay Max - Working Or Not?
It's a strange situation. I play some games on PCSX2 (Cars, Tekken 4, Tekken 5) through AR MAX. Believe it or not, but it is working with strange results: One day it is working perfectly, the next day PCSX2 Log (I play on 0.97 - r3878 & 0.98 - r4600) will be "spammed" with TLB Miss Error reports. I am sure it's not an ISO problem, because the other day it would work, nor Speed Hacks, because I disable them. Is that related in any way with graphic problems?

Note: I don't use patches.

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I think there is no answer for it...
Those errors are common when you edit pcsx2 memory incorrectly/using wrong cheats. I can imagine patches work a bit differently than just patching the memory in exactly same way as on ps2Tongue and most likely those cheating systems like AR Max will simply not work as they would on normal ps2, at least not for everything. What's also important not all cheats from ps2 will really work on pcsx2 as some cheats patch some PS2 engine math, which can look completely different on pcsx2 as the emulation isn't perfect conversion.

If those cheats do work on pcsx2, just not from AR Max, then well, your best try would be to start using patches;P. I doubt anyone will ever bother about those systems especially that cheats are already more than well implemented as .pnach files, soo unless you start using cheating system implemented in the emulator itself, expect possibly more errors.:] (Through wrong cheats, ie. badly converted or ones patching something they shouldn't in the emulation process, will still give same errors.)
Thanks For A Tip. However AR MAX worked once, the second time it didn't. How is that possible?
Different part of the game? Different pcsx2 version or settings? Different codes? Different games? Lots of possibilities, probably more than those i just listed. It could also be random, by one of the cheats making emulation unstable while not always leading to crash.
Tekken 5 (NTSC). I wasted a lot of money buying this game (through Ebay!) only to make it work on PCSX2. I always used same settings for the game. However, cheats WERE NOT the same.
Well here you have it, one or more of the cheats causing crash. It's possible the cheat was ok on PS2, but will not work on pcsx2. Trial and error a way to check which one causing crash. Would probably cause it even as .pnach.
When I use one cheat, TLB Miss is for every cheat...awkward?
Patches = Same Thing

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