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Adapter/Wireless Controller [RETAIL CONTROLLER]
(04-15-2013, 06:18 PM)0bscur3 Wrote: Sure, do you think the first post on mercado livre, this RETAIL controller will work with the adapter?

Because I already have 2 sony original controller, but I want to play with wireless controllers...

Do you think this retail one will work, or you recommend another one low price?

I don't know, never tried using the original controllers with adapters. All controllers I ever used at PC were directly compatible.

From some reports I'd say they are a lot more problematic than the direct ones. For PCSX2, the thing to be aware is if it works as expected on Windows.
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The advantage of the 710 and I assume the X360 wireless receiver too, is that it's fast and reliable. If you go the cheap route with wireless, beware of lag and disconnections.
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With my Chinese clone receiver I never noticed d/cs or any lag so I would still say it's trustworthy a decent good buy.

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