Adaptor configuration
I just got my adaptor for my dualshock 2 so I can use it via USB on my computer. I plugged it in, its drivers installed, I went into the pcsx2 config to set it up for playing but only a few buttons work. I can get most of them but a few (triangle, x, and o, among others) won't register when I try to bind them.

 I switched to an aftermarket controller using the same adaptor and again, some keys would bind but others wouldn't (this time I could get all the shape buttons but the analog sticks wouldn't detect). The D pad on this controller also registerd as x and y controls when I tried to bind them. I'm using the lily pad thing and I'm pretty sure both of my controllers work fine. 

Is it a problem with my adaptor or with my install? It's got me a bit frustrated.

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It is probably the adapter, but an easy way to test is to go into the control panel and go to Devices and Printers. Under there you should see a controller (assuming the system recognizes the controller+adapter at all. If you right click and go to game controller settings then you should be able to select properties on the pop up that comes up nest and test the controller in the test tab. This will tell you how well windows sees your buttons and analog inputs.

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