Add two new "Map execution" and "Break on execution map" checkboxes to PCSX2 Debugger
These two new checkboxes can be useful to find codes that are executed but only when something happens like pressing Cross, Square, Triangle or Circle button on the DualShock gamepad controller for example or instance.

For example or instance if the Cross button causes the playing character to jump upwards and I want to hack the game to make the character unable to jump at all and make the Cross button do nothing then tick the "Map execution" checkbox then continue playing for a while but make sure that the character doesn't jump in this period.

At last tick the "Break on execution map" checkbox and then press Cross to jump.

If the game pauses at the moment the "Break on execution map" checkbox is ticked then this means that you ticked the "Break on execution map" checkbox too early and you didn't play the game enough time.

In this case untick the "Break on execution map" checkbox, click on the Resume button and continue playing the game more time and tick the "Break on execution map" checkbox later.

Then the game should pause before the jump code is executed.

At last find the conditional branch instruction that prevented the PC from reaching the jump code until the Cross button was pressed and assemble it to either unconditional branch without changing the target address or a nop instruction and that's it!

The character can't jump and he or she doesn't jump even if the Cross button was pressed!

At last don't forget to click on the "Clear maps" button before trying to find a new code with this new feature!
PCSX-Redux already implemented this feature and even more also for byte, half and word both reads and writes!

But with PCSX-Redux both "Map execution" and "Break on execution map" can be used only for PS1 roms and I want to use these for PS2 roms too so I would like that PCSX2 wxWidgets Debugger will have them too!

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