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Adding cheats to Person 4 Undub
I looked up this problem and one person had the problem as well...3 years ago. No one really helped him and I was hoping new things have happened that might help.

I am playing Persona 4 Undub and it's running fine. I've tried using cheats and they never load for me. I have the "Enable Cheats" checked, but nothing loads. I followed this video and followed his directions, and still nothing.

Whenever I load the game it says "Overall 0 Cheats loaded". I used pnach file from that other thread and that didn't work, either.

Any help you guys can give would be great. I don't know anything that goes with doing this so if you need information, let me know and I can get it.

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Is your pnach's file name the same as your game's crc? Undub patches tends to change the game crc, so try verifying it.
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It does match. Part of that video was copying and pasting the CRC code into the cheat converter and I did so. It hasn't changed since I did the converting.

Below is a screenshot of the pnach file and the PCSX2 log.

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Can you post the emulog (when loading the game) and the pnach file?
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Just added that to the previous post. lol
And the pnach file?
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How do you mean? You want me to actually attach the pnach file? I'm sorry if this is infuriating. Like I said, this is all new to me.
Uh, yeah.
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Ah, okay.

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.pnach   DE61647A.pnach (Size: 836 bytes / Downloads: 342)
Hmm...try downloading the GIT versions on the main page. Extract it somewhere (preferably your desktop), and put the pnach file inside it.
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