"Advanced Emulation" config menu gone in 1.7?
Where did the "Advanced Emulation" menu in 1.7 go?  It's the one that lets you enable/disable game fixes and adjust rounding and clamping.  Is there a way to re-enable that?  I don't want to believe it was completely removed, not letting the user choose those settings is a really bad choice if that's what happened, and I personally need to add those into a custom config for something.  I also can't find the update that did this, it doesn't seem to be update in any release notes.  I pray it's still able to be reactivated somehow, or this change gets reverted.

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Tools->Show Advanced Settings.

It was hidden by default to stop people who don't know what they're doing flipping every switch or blindly following youtube tutorials then complaining to us that the emulator is broken.
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That's a smart idea and thank god it's still there.

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