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Hello everybody.
So, I was talking to somebody and he mentioned something about some apparently advanced options the emulator has. There seems to be a few things such as 'flush to zero' and 'denormals are zero' options. I have been looking around and I can't seem to find the advanced options window, and the documentation I have doesn't seem to indicate anything. Not even a search on the Internet seem to lead to any answers.
It's rather possible I have been misled, I'd say, but I thought it could be good to check this first, as through my searches I found some mentions here on these forums.
Am I missing something here?
Thank you for any information.

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Those options used to exist but haven't for quite a long time.
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Oh! I see.

Are there any possible equivalents or similar options in the current options available?
Those options are permanently enabled now and are no longer required. They were option for a time due to issues on older AMD processors, but they are fine these days.

In short, you don't need them Smile
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