Advice request, swapping disc questtion
Hey all!

Had a question for the group. I've been playing a FFX from my actual disc on pcsx2, and I've decided to plug in some cheat codes (I don't feel like dodging 200 lightning bolts again). I have an iso of my old codebreaker, though the disc was cracked by my nephew. I load up the codes, and I'm not sure how to switch discs to an ACTUAL disc and keep the codes. I've tinkered around, but so far I'm stuck. 

I'm not sure if there is a way to do it someone can recommend, or if it would be easier to burn an iso file of FFX. I'm worried I'd lose my progress doing this, switching formats like that. I 'think' it should work, but I'm not 100% sure. 

Advice would be most welcome! Thank you for your time.

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You don't need to swap discs. If possible write down and copy the cheat codes from the codebreaker iso or just do an online search for codebreaker FFX cheats and you should find the cheats you want too. Then you just need to convert them to PCSX2 format. You can always ask for help with that process here.
I know the pnach method is usually preferred, but I can't get it to work anymore. I tried this 'Envasion' thing, and I can't get that to work. I haven't tried using codebreaker in ages, and thought it would be a safe backup, but even that's running into this issue. I've quite literally run out of ideas of of how to make this work lol. Who knew making things easy would be so bloody hard?

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