Affordable or cheap ps2/ps3 controller for PC
hello all and i hope everyone is doing fine. i come to you seeking information on an affordable or cheap ps2/3 controller for the pc. i have only 2 game consoles and neither are playstation. i tried googling for the product but the first one that i saw in amazon had some complains of not working or falling apart waaay too easily. i thought to myself.... maybe the gamers in this forum would know where they purchased a cheap but not piece of ***** controller for their pc. this way i may look at the price and determine if i want to partake. the problem is i barely emulate any games at all. i started with final fantasy 12 though. however my game experience is becoming tedious and boring. i don't about the rest of you but for the whole 2 hours i played before saving the state i was annoyed with trying to remember which key i had setup for the d pad and the dual directional thingies. it makes the game 5x more complicated. i have to mentally pause for a second or so to remind myself these keys are the d pad and these others are the dual controller thingies. sure i could memorize them in time but i do not have the patience of a saint for that. thus here i am asking for your help or advice. i am poor and i can't spend a lot. that is why i am asking you all. i'm sorry for making this post so long

tl;dr: i am poor and in need of a controller that's cheap or else i can't play games on the pcsx2. not so cheap that it will fall apart in a month. just cost effective, ya'know?

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Wait, if you don't have a PS2 then how did you run PCSX2? You have to own a PS2 to run PCSX2 legally.
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(10-11-2014, 04:05 PM)moshpitdude Wrote: i have only 2 game consoles and neither are playstation.

Without owning the PS2 console, you cannot get the BIOS and thus you cannot run PCSX2. By what you said it means you obtained it illegally and thus will receive no support for it. Your games themselves are questionable too.

As for the question about the controller, depends on how much you're willing to spend. Where i live i can grab a 360 controller for a little over 30 euros at some shops and i expect it will last me many years if taken care of.
does it matter? so what if i took the bios from a friend and or games? is that less illegal or what? does my financial issues preclude me from enjoying some games? if i am poor and cannot move from that situation am i to not enjoy or have some entertainment? as long as i dont steal though. unfortunately my financial woes cannot be solved right at the moment. getting a game loan from a friend or a website is cheap but renting an actual game console from a center is not. are you all going to say "we wont help you unless you physically borrow your friends ps2 while you talk to us." how ridiculous would that be... will you do this? im not asking about games or the software either. so dont get your tail feathers into a ruffle.

enough with the philosophical and on to the reality of the matter. 30 EU into usd is too much i'd say. does anyone else have a suggestion?
Well, yes, that is the case here. There are a few people that also have financial issues, but they own are legally using PCSX2 by owning their own console and games. If you do not have an actual ps2 and ps2 games in your possession you cannot use pcsx2 legally and we won't support it.
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Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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