After a week, still here (PCSX2 problems)
Hi guys, it's been more than a week that I tried to make work PCSX2 on my PC, but everything I tried is useless. At first, I don't wanna to spam here my problem, but this is gonna make me crazy  Sad I post here the configuration of my (ancient) pc, any advice?

Operating System
Windows 8 64-bit

AMD A6-5400K 
Trinity 32nm Technology

4,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-10-24)
MSI 2AE0 (P0) 

ASUS VS197 ([email protected])
512MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7540D (HP)

465GB Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 (SATA) 

Optical Drives

IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

P.s: please tell me something is missing

P.p.s: I hope that my english is not too much pizza and mandolino, because I'm italian  Blush

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It's likely that your computer specs are not up to it, I'm not familiar with AMD parts though, so I hope the others will give you a better answer.
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Your CPU has a Single Thread Rating (STR) of 1310, which is a bit low. The recommended score is 1600-1800 for most games.
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Honestly it largely depends on what games you are trying to play. Some games play better on weaker hardware than others.
To improve your score you could try overclocking your CPU, just make sure your cooler is doing it's job and it doesn't overheat. You are also using an integrated graphics card which depending on the game might not be adequate.
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What are your PCSX2 settings and what games are you trying to play? This might help give us some insight in to the problem (although it is probably as Carsomyr mentioned above), maybe we can help squeeze a few extra valuable FPS out Smile
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