Aimtraks with Time Crisis
I'm probably not going to get many replies on this, but has anyone gotten aimtraks working with nuvee and Time Crisis games sucessfully?

I can move around and shoot, but the other 2 buttons that come on the Aimtraks don't work with Nuvee. I can't progress past the calibration screens because it says to press the A or B buttons when done, which are supposed to be those 2 buttons that aren't working.

I don't get this, according to Ultimarc the Aimtraks are 100% compatible with actual PS2 Guncon2 games, am I doing something wrong?

Any help.

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I never ever get any help on this forum. You cannot tell me that people here have not used nuvee before with aimtraks. I know this can be done, in Shalmas thread people are praising him because they were stating that nuvee works beautifully aimtraks.
You make it sound like no one wants to help you. I see many threads where no one gets a reply. Don't think you're singled out or anything.
If a person viewing your thread, had any idea about what you were trying to do and had experience with it themselves, im sure they'd help.

since i don't(know/care) i can't be of help.
Getting frustrated easily isn't going to help your situation. Still, I do feel compelled to help out Time Crisis fans on the forums.

First, it should be known that Time Crisis II and 3 both experience slowdown. A general theory posed by Rama is that the games may "hammer some register as fast as they can for a status update to happen." The PCSX2 team will be able to explain it far better than I can. (Personally, I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of PCSX2's inner workings.)

Second, Nuvee, while an excellent plugin, is still relatively new, and there just aren't enough Time Crisis fans and Aimtrak users to test such a thing out. Personally, if Aimtrak functions as a mouse in Windows, one could assume that it'd work. Of course, I can't make any guarantees.

Sadly, that's all the support I can give. At the very least, thanks for continuing to support the Time Crisis series; It's good to hear that there are still Time Crisis enthusiasts out there.
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