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Air - the latest PCSX2 retiree
Congratulations, Jake! Smile Thanks a lot for your, and PCSX2 team hard/great work, good luck! Wink

Sorry for my terrible English.
Intel Core i7-5820K [email protected] / Crucial 2x8Gb DDR4-2133 / MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G / Windows 7 SP1 RTM x64

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Good Luck with your new life Air
thanks for the time & effort you put into pcsx2 Smile
I'll miss your interesting blog posts! And, of course, your incredible contributions to the project.

Best Wishes, Jake!
I know i'm a nobody around here ^^, but I still want to thank you and wish you luck !
So long !
all the best man, I wish you a happy marriage and a fulfilling life.
and thank you for your wonderful work.
Chicken is not Vegan?

Good luck dude. Thanks for working on a emulator that will live on long after you retire in real life from real work.

Hopefully we get to see it's completion. Hopefuly you come back and look at this program again someday and think wow they did it without me. Awe shucks those guys. Or something like that.

Thank you from Kiaos Altera Zenthos
As any Trekkie would say; Live long and prosper!

And good luck with your new job as whatever it is, your dedication is worth a big bunch if you take a look at what you've done here.Thanks for all you've done on this fine piece of a.. emulator! I hope both you and your missus have it great together.

First - congratulations, I'm sure she will make you happy!
Secondly, you've done extremely much for PCSX2, I think you were the most active member for the last 2+ years.
Thirdly, you will surely be missed by all of us, maybe in you're spare time you can drop in and make a sugestion or something Tongue
Goodbye and thank you.
i5 2500K @ 4.8 Ghz - 1.31 V
Asrock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3
4 GB Mushkin Radioactive 1600 mhz @ 1866 (8-10-8-27 1T)
ASUS DCU2 HD 6870 (1050/1196) @ 1.3V
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32bit
Thank you Jake, and good luck on your future endeavors
I do not have a superman complex; for I am God, not superman!

Rig: Q9400, 4GB DDR2, eVGA GTX260 SC, gigabyte EP35-DS3R. X25-M 80GB G2.

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