Alien Hominid is slow D:
Im trying to run Alien Hominid (U)

PC specs:
Intel Pentium D 2.6ghz 2 CPU
Nvidia 8500GT
1.5mb ram

Emulator & Plugins:
pcsx2 beta 1474
gsdx 1534 SSE2 - native checked.
Zerospu2 - Time Scaling
linuz iso cdvd
CPU - limit
advance - default
speedhacks - x2 cycle rate only

I get 10 - 20 fps O_O...
tried all the speedhacks its still the same o:
I tried searching.. but no results D:
what to do?
help please..
thanks in advance.

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your system is a bit slow

just play the pc version of alien hominid on newgrounds
you wont have issues running that at all

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