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Alienware M18x
Hello! Im new in this forum hehe...

Im just curious guys...

The pscx2 will run on alienware m18x?

PS: I dont have one xD

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Read that.
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According to the system requirement page, PCSX2 runs on ANY PC with a CPU that supports SSE2.
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And a decent GPU for playable speed and graphics quality..
I see....
thnx guys...

But , do u think the emulator will run "perfect" on alienware M18x?

I mean: nice graphics , 60 fps etc...
Sufficient CPU and GPU power + correct configuration = WIN

Default settings works fine for almost any game...Laugh
(06-03-2012, 04:33 AM)Archerko Wrote: Sufficient CPU and GPU power + correct configuration = WIN

Default settings works fine for almost games...Laugh

Thank you Archerko ^^

The emulator is awesome...

But i dont have a good computer to run it T.T

U guys can close this topic hehe

Thnx one more time!
There's a difference between it running and it running "well".

What's your specs? The Alienware M18x is fairly high end even at it's lowest configurations so I'd guess it'll at least run at an "okay" speed. The problems I have with Alienware is that their hardware actually doesn't run at full power and, with the M18x imparticularly, the screen sucks (or at least it did last time I checked, maybe they changed it by now). I went with Origin because they're the old Alienware team before they got bought out by Dell (they quit because Alienware just wasn't Alienware anymore because Dell moved everything to a conveyor belt system in China and a lot of the stuff they put in your computer is just cheap crap that they sell to you for wayyy more than it's really worth) and their computers are amazing.
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)

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