All PS2 games gradually slow down
3.0 dual core processor
2gb DDR2 ram
nvidia 9500 video card 1GB version
OS - Windows 7

While playing psx my ps2 emulator gets about 100 fps, that is something I don't necessarily mind as I can always limit the framerate, but after about 10 minutes of playing a game the fps goes down to about 45 fps, and as even more time progresses the fps will go down as far as 15 fps, if I use a save state and reset the emulator it will go right back up but is there a way to keep the fps from doing a nosedive while playing?

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there are chances your cpu is overheating. check the temps the moment the fps drop down to ~15
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I think you are totally right iakoboss7, so much than the OP shouldn't wait the CPU getting this far since it probably is frying at this point. It seems to be a desktop, the cooler may be failing or just the environment temperature is too high. It must be looked over ASAP before it's too late.

PS: It can be the mobo's chipset and/or the video card too, the whole case ventilation should be checked and enhanced where possible.
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