All-Star Pro Wrestling 3 pcsx 9.7 trouble playing?
Since the previous threads were closed I tought to start a new one because this is the only place where I could get some answers.

the console repeats this following message

sceGsSyncPath: DMA Ch.2 does not terminate

Does anyone know why?

And the game is impossible to play since the game lags like hell when ever there is 3d models. even the darn intro lags like F***! The screen flickers constantly as well.

I've now dumbed my bios from my ps2 unlike before(figured out how to)

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What are your system specs?
Windows 7 64-bit home premium
AMD athlon II X3 440 processor 3.00 GHz
4gb RAM
ATI Radeon HD 5450

There you go.
Thank you. I'll start by saying I'm not necessarily familiar with this game, just several others.

Have you double checked to see if your GPU driver, DirectX (etc) are as updated as possible?

Are you using NATIVE resolution? Your GPU isn't all too powerful.

Have you tried the Software Renderer? Sometimes it's the only way.

Have you tried changing the Interlacing setting in GSdx?

Have you viewed the EE% in the titlebar of the game window (on default settings)? If it peaks at nearly 100% when slowdown is occuring, it's actually possible that your clock rate is still not high enough (for this game).

That's all that comes to mind right now. If you'd like, you could post some screen shots of your PCSX2 settings.
Yes my directx is updated to the latest version(I updated just before posting this)
Yes I'm using native resolution.
What is a sofware renderer?
The interlacing just causes more lag.
Yes my EE is peaking 100% is there a fix? I've read that over clocking might help? If yes how can I do so?

What settings to be specific?
Also update your GPU if possible. Radeon's have been known to have driver issues. (No, this isn't always the case. Yes, I am a bit bias. Smile)

The Software Renderer can be used instead of the usually Hardware Renderer. It relies most heavily on CPU processing, forces native resolution, can be considerably faster (or slower), can often provide "cleaner" grphics (less glitches), and can make some use of cores beyond the usual 2. If you haven't seen this setting, perhaps you haven't changed GSdx to Direct3D11. (?)

[Image: unledjg.png]

Yes, CPU overclocking has a tendancy to be like "magic" for PCSX2 performance. Although, it is fair to say that no amount of overclocking can fix everything (or every game). To start (assuming you understand the basics), what is your motherboard?

Any tabs in the "Emulation Settings" can be relavant. Also, the GSdx settings (l.e. the section I posted, just don't leave the drop-down open) are important, too.
oh. I have used the renderer i putted it o be the dx 11 software. I'll try updating my video card drivers and see if it helps

No support means no support. Creating another thread when your last one was locked is a no-no.
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Just as Koji said.

Closed and warned.
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