All games ive tried run PERFECT!!!
I've been using this emulator for awhile, and i can say by far its the best out of all i've tried. I own each game i play on the emulator, games include kingdom hearts 1-2, final fantasy x, and suikoden 5. There are more games, but those are the main ones, that i have tested and beat 100%. I can honestly say they run perfect, also look great using resolution 1920 x 1200 with filtering. I've done several test with my games, keeping all settings at max in the same resolution with no vsync i can hit nearly 500 frames per second. I'm not trying to brag on my machine, but i am the emulator. I want to thank the team for their dedication and time they put into this. If there is any game anyone cant get running just email me, [email protected] i will get the game and see if i can figure some tweaks on how to get it to run better for you. No promises there, if i truly will be able to help. I will try, my specs do play a big part of how my games run though. So something that works for me may not work for you. my specs are AMD 1100t 6core cpu @4.0ghz 12gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz, and the ATI/AMD 6850 1024mb video card. I do try to run each game to the max, turning everything up so i will know when there is a noticeable increase in frames per second, so i still may be able to help. Once again i would like to thank the team that has worked on this and done so well, im sure you hear that alot. I would rather donate than just say thanks to help fund this project. (currently out of work) Sad As of now that is no longer possible. So i will just try to help this team out if possible. thanks guys and good luck.

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