All kinds of problems...
Hello everyone first of all...

So I put this on my laptop cause I wanted to give it a try before I deploy and I am glad I did, I am having all kinds of issues with this puppy...

First: Every time I start Pcsx2 I get the small pop up that says it needs to be configured... EVERY TIME...

Second: I have to reset all the info, click ok and it says "could not load GS plugin 'plugins': <NULL>" So I hit ok and I I have to put in everything... AGAIN... then itll let me go to the normal screen, I check the info later and it still isnt saved...

Third: Hit execute (using FFXII in PS2 disc form) and it says "Failed to load MemoryCard from file: memcards\Mcd001.ps2" I hit ok and it does it again except Mcd002.ps2 now...

Game gets going, CD is running...

Fourth: Shaky sound and video on start up... ???

(Somewhere in here I get a screen saying the program has stopped working usually...)

If I can get past all this I get to the first screen which says I have no memorycard inserted (duh) and I cant move my controller... So I check the controller properties and still... NOTHING!!!

I still haven't gotten past here, So I ask if there's anyone who can help me... This is my laptop setup:
-Intel Core2 Duo @2.00 GHz Each
-WIN Vista 32-bit
-2.00GB RAM

One more thing...

Tried it on my desktop too... Says the shader is set to 0.0 when it needs to be at 2.0, and I go to change it and there is no 2.0, just empty box...

Desktop Specs:
-Intel Pent. 4 @3.06GHz
-504MB RAM (I'm looking into that one...)
-NVIDiA GeForce4 MX 4000 128MB

Help is much appreciated... I would like to try and use this on my deployment Smile

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*your desktop can't run pcsx2 due to no pixel shader's video card...chances of running of pcsx2 is 0%
*show us your config window on your laptop including the memory card setting window for no reason why your memcard fail to load
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1) Try running as admin (right click) or installing PCSX2 to a different location, like c:\pcsx2 or c:\games\pcsx2 or something like that
2) Could be fixed by first but make sure your DiectX is up to date (latest update was june 2010)
3) Again should be fixed with 1st.
4) What about on ingame playing tho? And you'll have to post your PCSX2 and plugin settings so we can help better.

5) The Geforce MX series doesn't support Pixel Shaders 2.0, you won't be able to play like that and even if you manage to do it with some external programs it won't be with anything close to playable speeds probably.
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Ok got it working on the laptop, I reinstalled in a different location...

Thats the main one I wanted to work, thanks for the help...

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