Allow 8-bit texture issue doesn't work on the nightly build v1.7.3034
So in the latest nightly build (Windows 64bit - SSE4 - Qt) the "Allow 8-bit texture" option which is renamed to GPU Palette, does not work.
On the PCSX2 1.6 version, the game "Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain" had a weird square consisting of lines that appear around the radar, when you enable "Allow 8-bit texture" or "GPU Palette Conversion" that solves this bug, but in the nightly build, i tried all options (turning each box on and off) and they don'y fix the issue.

So my conclusion is that GPU Palette Conversion option in the nightly build is bugged and is not doing what it's supposed to do

screenshot of the in-game bug below


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