Alt Tab'ing & Frameskip
First of all: I apologise if this has been asked before, or if I sound noobish. I did use search for 'alt tab' 'tab' 'hotkey' and not found any solution (only one thread that mentions the same problem in another context)

Anyways... it's not TERRIBLY important, but just annoying

Everytime I alt+tab it changes the frameskip from None to whatever I used last (Limit or Skip, Limit being the default). I don't want to change the fact that 'tab' is the hotkey for this, because I like to switch between modes depending on gameplay (i.e. none for travel/dialogue, limit for battles). I just don't want it to activate while Alt is pressed, so I can alt tab...

The issue with this is that I always play with a Walkthrough (yes, sue me. I just like doing 'perfect' games...). So I alt+tab a lot. But in some games the constant mode switch gets annoying, so I have this workaround:

I have the walkthrough in Firefox and I have pcsx2 running exactly in the top right corner of my Screen, tweaked just enough so that the default Gamefaq text is just legible (has lots of right-side indentation space). Now, this 'tweak' gets lost everytime I use ESC (which is what I'd do if I was playing Fullscreen or 'Fullscreen windowed'. So the only other option (apart from clicking with my mouse) is alt tab.

I remember a few weeks (?) ago with some pcsx2 version/config this wasn't an issue. Any advice?

Hope I was clear enough...
Thank you in advance ^^;

PS: I'm really really sorry for this wall of text critting your eyes for 9999 cancer damage >->;

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You could just do what I do and run PCSX2 on a TV and have the walkthrough open on your PC monitor Tongue

But, I don't think there is a way to change that hotkey.
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easiest solution would be to get a second monitor Tongue2

as far as the issue itself, wait for the more knowledgeable people to answer.
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Me and rama tried to hack into solving that but failed Tongue It's pretty minor so jake and the rest of the team isn't actually wasting their time with it Tongue
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Things like this will be lots easier to fix in the future when we have a new wxWidgets-based gui and stuff. I know waiting sucks, but yea i'll prolly be a while yet.
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just play windowed, ot try using the WIN key to get out of that window

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