Altered Beast (PAL) widescreen patch is reverting
Hi, I'm playing through Altered Beast (PAL) with ws patch enabled, it works great but afer some gameplay time the patch seems to turn off itself as the screen gets reverted back to how it looks like without this patch (visible wider characters and also like closer to tv screen).
Is there some bug in this patch? Tried other ones for Devil Summonr 1 and DBZ BT 3 and those works like charms.

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Is there some sudden change in the game shortly before the reversion? Some minigame/black and white/2D scene? Something like that?
Loading screen, but it is not occuring after every one, actually had this 3 times so far, first was after about 2h of gameplay and second/ third within next hour, shutting down game and re-running it fixes patch but looks like something in this patch is messed a bit.

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