Am I doing this right?
I hate to be the millionth person to do this but games are running at like 10 fps, is there something I could do to make this work better

Windows 7
Intel core i3-370m
ati mobility radeon hd 5650
64 bit
(am I missing any info?)

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Your cpu is quite slow for pcsx2, so 10fps might be all you can manages. Still 10fps is VERY low, so post your version/settings and what game you are trying to play and maybe someone will be able to help.

Edit: It depends moslty on the game, some are extremely demanding.
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Name a few games. That way we'll know if you're trying something out of your league. Wink

Make sure you use Speedhacks. Check out the Preset on the bottom of the Emulation Settings window to make that easier.

You may want to stick to native internal res, at least until you establish how fast that particular game can run otherwise.

When using a laptop, make sure your power plan is on "High Performance".
you have to be doing something wrong unless you're playing the slowest games...
my laptop with that cpu almost runs ffxii at full speed with the correct settings.
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okay, im running version 0.9.8 and I've tried running jak and daxter, I'm using gsdx 10 with direct 3d 10 bob bff and native internal res. texture filtering is on and I don't know what the nloop hack does. I haven't enabled speed hacks although I should and manual game fixes are off. when I select the lowest preset, the game runs 100 percent until the title screen comes up and then it drops to 25 percent. daxter's eyes are missing, jak is missing one eye and the shadow is weird.

Is there a way where I could drop every second frame or so to run it at full speed with only 30 fps?
The nloop hack hasn't been available as an option for years.

Are you sure you're using 0.9.8?
Better make sure by using the binary package download alone:

And yes you could try using frameskip (shift+F4 while playing) to reduce the actual framerate while running faster but that will only work if your graphics card or GS plugin is the problem.

Could you post screenshots of your PCSX2 settings, plugin settings and the EE/GS% numebrs in the game window when you get slowdowns?
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