Am I just bad at this?
kads, without exception, your system is superior to mine. Post up some screenshots of your config.. you should be able to run a good number of games at 4x..

mtvu speed hack helps, as done 1 in vu cycle stealing.
Thats about all I do with mine when I use my desktop.. my laptop gets a lot more tweaking
amd tr 1950x                                                 amd ryzen 5 2500u
asrock x399 taichi                                         amd vega 8 
XFX Radeon rx570                                       16gb ddr 4 2400 ram
32gb gskill ddr4-3200                                   1tb nvme ssd
Debian Bullseye                                           480gb sata ssd
Custom loop water cooled                           HP envy x360
nzxt 340 case

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