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Amala Temple Glitch in SMT III Nocturne
If you're trying to use savestates, there's not the slightest chance you'll be able to use those between the patched and unpatched versions. You should be able to save to a memcard though and flip right between the two versions.
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Oh yeah Red Pandas are cool too.


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Unpatched version can't read the patched version's save sadly.
Try some of FPU game fixes, like FPU negative div hack, etc. One fix, one try. Maybe this game use some non standard calculations.
Tried those as well, no change.

Welp maybe it's not an emulation issue.

I guess there is no fix, if anyone has any further recommendations they are free to post them however.

Thanks to everyone trying to help me out btw!

I managed to get past the glitch thanks to a new translation patch (that was just released today) so if anyone else has the same problem or something similar updating to the newest translation patch might fix it:

Thanks again to anyone trying to help me!
Can you post the contents of the patch incase a fix can be applied universally?
Where did you find the translation patch?
As far as I know is change in DDS3.IMG, and can't be patched by pnach (can be wrong, just looking at files). So is only translated version issue. No need to fix from PCSX2 side, as user can just use newer translation patch.

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