Amd 9590 vs intel i3 6100 vs wait for amd zen?
Hello, im new here so i apologize if something is not correct. Currently i have a fx 8350 oc to 9590 speeds and im currently looking to upgrade my pc. I mostly use it for  regular gaming and pcsx2 and dolphin. After being fed up with the poor stp of the 8350 im looking to upgrade. I have been considering skylake, noticing intels entry i3 has MUCH better stp compared to my 8350. But i have also considerd waiting on zen but i fear it may not end up being enough for wnat i want to use it for. Thoughts?

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Zen won't be out at the very earliest til the end of the year. And it may not even be as good as they are advertising. Although I hope it is, competition is good for us consumers. 
The i3 will be faster in pcsx2 and Dolphin, but some native pc games might like the extra cores your 8350 has. I would personally save up for an i5 6600k or 4690k. If you live by a microcenter they have pretty sweet cpu/motherboard combo deals.
Zen won't be on shelves until October (that's the current target date, obviously subject to change if anything goes wrong.)

Actual PC games would benefit more from the extra cores you'd get with the FX, but the i3 has a significantly higher STP (single threaded performance) and would give you more performance in PCSX2 as well as conventional PC games. Either way if I were you, I'd just save up for a Skylake quad-core rather than waiting til the end of the year.
Agreed save more money. Intel will also release Kaby Lake at the end of the years. Maybe you will have some nice deals later.

If we're lucky, we will get some Zen's leaks a couple of months before the release.

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