Amd Mantle Support?
I was just wondering if maybe you have explored the idea of adding mantle support due to it performance increasing over directX 11.

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I don't think AMDs Mantle API is openly distributable though, it is implented in the drivers (Aslong the card has GCN), but I don't think it's openly obtainable for consumers to use it yet, mainly since it's still in a beta stage.
And adding it to PCSX2 would require extensive work.

Also, it doesn't really have a performance increase over DX11, only in instances where Overhead calls are an issue, but recently, DX got updated, and NVIDIA updated there drivers to match or beat Mantle in DX11. So the Mantle hype train pretty much died then, when it was shown a simple driver update could match it.
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^That's pretty inaccurate. That Nvidia driver was shown to not be much better than the previous driver, and it certainly doesn't beat Mantle in BF4 Multiplayer. The results shown were pretty skewed and in some cases even inconclusive. There's no way Nvidia or AMD could just magically modify their GPU drivers to somehow remove inefficiencies in Direct3D11, an API. If Mantle were so pointless, there wouldn't be over 40 developers signing up for the SDK Beta. We're already seeing more games adopt it.

Anyway, in regards to PCSX2, we've had this discussion before elsewhere on the forum, but not much has really come of it. One issue is that it's too early to say how beneficial Mantle would be, since the SDK is in a private beta of sorts, only available for established developers for now. I think I recall some PCSX2 guys saying the emu wouldn't benefit from it much, but even so, PCSX2's source is an absolute f***** mess anyway, and the code needs to be cleaned up and gsdx needs to be either tidied up or rewritten altogether before something like Mantle would be added in. That's a lot of work for a somewhat small subset of PCSX2 users (people who have GCN GPU's.)

I've seen other emu coders and even a game developer say that something like Mantle would be great for an emulator, so I think Mantle *would* be beneficial, but it heavily relies on how the emu itself is coded as well. So for now, Mantle isn't really a concern in regards to PCSX2.

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