Amplitude: is there a way...
#1 play this game? I mean, it's a rythm game, and it need perfect synchronization between audio and video.
Since the emulator delay one of the two, is there a way to solve this matter?

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You can keep the delay pretty low by using the lowest possible latency in SPU2-X.
Try the XAudio 2 module and set the latency to 50ms.
You need a computer that does a constant 60fps of course.
The game is stuck at the first loading screen. Why's that?'

Edit: I checked this list
It says that the USA version gets stuck at the intro (probably the loading screen), but the Eu version should'nt.
The problem is: I don't have the EU version. Damn.
Edit 2: I just needed the NTSC bios, now it works. It crashed once, plus the speed dropped but I can see if I can set something better.

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