An issue with SMT Nocturne
So yesterday I was playing SMT Nocturne and decided to atleast begin with the Amala Labyrinth. Everything went well all the way to the beginning of 2nd Kalpa where I placed one candelabra (Missed one for the door to open) Decided to head back to the previous kalpa to exit it, but then the screen turned black, but the emulator was still running, but nothing happened. I'll post the emulog.txt as a file, due to the size.

It's not entirely a major disaster, but this IS the first time it happened. Sorry I had to archive the txt file, due to it's size. Pastebin max. size is 512 kbyte and bigger you need to pay and here it's 200 kbyte Smile

Game ran fine though today so there was no real issue, but I thought I posted it just to let you guys know that it might happen Smile

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