Analog Control
Is there a way to map my Xbox 360 wired controller's analog sticks directly to the emulator? I've tried Lilypad with and without the XInput, but both simply convert the analog stick to an 8-way dpad kind of thing, and do not sense pressure. I want to have precise controls so that I can make my character walk at slow speeds, or move in more than eight directions.

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"Pressure" in regards to controllers refer to a buttons sensitivity to how much you press it.
AXES movement is measured in range x sensitivity

The controller is interpretted as a variable of ranges, how games interpret the stick is another matter. Many don't even take advantage of this aspect and treat it as 8 or 16 directions.
So is it impossible to have more than 8 directions? I find it kind of annoying not to have full directional control.
TL'DR summary

Its the game at fault.
Which game is it anyway? as squall said it could be the game that just doesn't support it.
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