Analog II
After several times while I tried to fix the problem with my analog in order to make the characters move in RPG games (Gamepad Piranha Xtreme) I tried a game pad from Trustmaster...and it didn't work as well... I have a friend who owns a GP 3020 and works very well...she doesn't have any it might be just a problem of settings or a problem of the gamepad's mark and quality?

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analog gamepads have axis in their drivers(Control panel/gaming devices)
Axis could be bound in lilypad to analog sticks

Remember these two statements and look for a problem.
anybody here playing naruto narutimate hero 2? i've a problem with naruto when he perform a special attack lvl 3 that need stick round movement (up left down right) .. i use keyboard keys but its too slow .. it's there any trick to make it easy?
try mouse. its little faster
(03-24-2009, 07:24 PM)tenow Wrote: try mouse. its little faster

i tried to set it up but the respond seem not work .. i use lilypad .. i bind l-stick up with X axis +, l-stick right with Y axis + and so on .. it's any setting that i should do? plz ..
Okay i already have solution for my own prob .. Example Using keyboard bind left analog stick up for ' . ' , left for ' , ' , down for ' m ' , right for ' n ' .... then starting from up key by ur small finger ( right handed ) to next keys by ur next fingers ... doing that repeatly u will get fast rotate analog stick .. it's should be easy and fast .. try it .. problem close .. THX

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