Analog "bug" in God of War 2
Hi Smile , im new to the forum, and i came to ask if anyone knows the reason why this "bug" happens to me, sorry if i have bad english.

Well a while ago i finished god of war 1 and today a few hours ago i started playing god of war 2 and i had a problem which is that in part where i have to follow a pattern of buttons sometimes it tells me that i have to move the analog to the sides, the problem is that it doesnt work so to speak, it doesnt detect that im moving it to the sides(only when i have to follow the pattern, to walk or do other things, does is work correctly), and at first it didnt bother me since it was the part of the sex minigame at the beginning and thats not mandatory, the problem is that im in the part of flying with the pegasus and i absolutely have to do it, so im stuck without knowing what to do.

i hope someone can solve my doubt about whether it is some adjustment of the controls plugin, my joystick or the games rom (which i dont think because in gow 1 it happened to me the same way, only that there were no parts in which i had to do it obligatority)

Thanks and bye  Biggrin

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